Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to my World ...

won't you come on in.
....or so the song goes.
I have started this blog, sort of as a way of keeping track of my "new life". I have recently been diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease, and so I am new to all this, so I hope you will bear with me as I find my way through this gluten free minefield that that I feel I am stomping all over, whilst wearing a blindfold!!!
There are some really amazing GF blogs out there, and some really amazing people who are living gluten free, posting incredible looking recipes, and sharing all that they know.
I can't claim to be offering any advice (well until I get to grips with it all myself, so you may have to bear with me) and my recipes may not be gourmet delights, but I will share what I do discover, and link to those pioneers who have gone before me smoothing the way into a world free of gluten and lots of other nasties.
~~ Liz ~~


  1. There was a period of time--shortly after I went GF--when everything I experimented on/with turned out like flat heavy lumps. The only redemptive value would be if one of my monstrosities had enough taste to tempt someone into gnawing on it.
    I now totally understand why refined, bleached wheat flour is so commonly used! It's because it has the most amazing properties to work with. Its elasticity is perfect, its density is perfect, its texture is perfect. Nevermind that its nutritional value is nil... No other grain/nut/bean flour will ever compare.
    BUT...I do recommend a blend of brown and white rice flours with a bit of tapioca starch and a bit of corn masa for texture. Blend a cup each of the first two with a half a cup each of the last two and see what you think. It's also REALLY important to start purchasing things like Xanthan gum, Guar gum, or Agar Agar. It adds in that bit of elasticity that you won't otherwise get.
    Oh, and another tip: Make smaller portions of everything because if you ruin a batch, you've wasted less. I love my coffee grinder for making my own flour. My favorite is almond flour.

  2. Thanks Michele. I have only just seen your comment!