Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting on with it....

I have starting coming to grips with this GF thing, and it feels a bit easier. Our evening meals are all gluten free, because its just makes more sense, so there is no really big adjustment to be made. We don't have a lot of convenience meals so its not like I have had to make huge changes for family meals or anything. Having said that I am in a fortunate position where I am not working, so I am not rushing in the door starving and then trying to get a meal together.

The other night I did some lamb chops, and thought I would give the mint sauce a go with white vinegar instead of the usual malt. It wasn't quite as nice somehow, but that could have had something to do with the lack of mint! Mike planted mint in the garden, so I expected to go down there and find it had run amok. It was a pretty sorry sight though. A couple of measly stalks with a few leaves on the end of it. I didn't really matter in the end because I'm the only one who likes mint sauce anyway!
And this was what I managed to harvest...

Fairly miserable don't you think?

The upside was that the rhubarb had been struggling away and I was able to pick a bunch to stew. I love rhubarb and had thoughts of doing something decadently gluten free. Truth is, I couldn't help my gutsy self and ate it all with some cereal for desert. Ah, and just for the record no one else wanted rhubarb either.

It's not the most robust looking rhubarb, because our garden is quite slopey and dark. Due to the neighbours trees, which she won't let us top, so growing stuff in it is a challenge to say the least, but come summer the figs will be ripening and we will be fighting with the birds to get at them first. And just for the record, no one else eats figs either!

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  1. Your rhubarb looks great to me. I've never grown it before...or eaten it for that matter. I'll put it on my list of things to try. I thought they were swiss chards when I first saw them.
    I'm curious about your mint sauce. Is it like Pesto? I've never heard of mint sauce, but it sounds really good.