Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To eat or not to eat

That is the question....
I decided to make my "world famous" lasagne last night. (Actually it's really only famous in my family, because everyone loves it so much, but world famous gives it a bit of weight). I did have some angst that it wouldn't turn out as well gluten free, but I have to say I couldn't really tell the difference, and the family devoured it, so I needn't have worried so much. But I will tell you a little confession. I didn't actually have any myself, apart from a tiny taste of the pasta bit. And for a couple of reasons. I am off dairy for now, and the cheese sauce, even though made with cornflour (and turned out beautifully) had cheese and milk. And then just before I opened the tinned tomatoes I happened to read the nutritional information, which has remarkably quickly become habit, and found that they had acidity regulator 330. What the heck is that ???? Well I hurriedly tried to google it, and then tried to quickly leaf through the info that I have, but time was marching on, and in the end it all became a bit hard, so I resorted to a jacket potato with some ham, mushrooms and sweetcorn with a dollop of soy mayo. It was yum anyway so I wasn't too bothered, but I was bit annoyed that I wasn't sure of something. It was quite hard to find out whether it was safe or not, and that one small thing had scuppered my plans for a totally GF lasagne. I guess these are the perils of a Coeliac, and I am hoping as I get used to this way of life (sorry that sounds a bit dramatic) that I will not have to second guess everything, all the time.

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