Monday, July 5, 2010

When a plan comes together

I love it I really do!
And I guess that's what the key word is these days. Planning, planning and planning! And also I'm in the zone because we went to see the A Team movie.
Its Nick's 11th birthday today and we took a couple of his mates to see the shoot em up, punch em out and blow em to smithereens version of the old 70's show. I took along my Delites. Rice Crackers that kind of look like crinkle cut chips, and some marshmallows. (GF of course) The kids stuffed their faces with potato chips, coke, and skittles! The bit that stung was walking through the foodhall to get to the carpark. I walk past all that food and scan, and do a mental check.
Can't have that.
Nope not that either.
Oooh maybe ... nah wouldn't risk it!
Those are the moments when I get a little peeved, but I felt a bit quesy after scoffing all those marshmallows, so I wouldn't have bothered anyway, but its just that... well those little moments (and they really are little moments) just bug me. Not as much as breaking out in itchy spots or having a dodgy tum, and at the end of the day that is what its all about. So I did plan for having some movie treats, and it really wasn't that much different to BC. (Before Coeliacs)
So like Hannibal Smith and his team its a case of having a plan and loving my version of it when it comes together!!!

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